Fincad News Special Report: Beyond Libor
By Christina Oswald | October 15, 2018 Special Report: Beyond Libor

Financial markets are sitting on a time bomb. In just over three years’ time, Libor, the rate that underpins $350 trillion of financial contracts could disappear. Whether by choice or by regulatory force, the transition away from discredited Libor rates is something market participants can no longer ignore.

This special report, sponsored by FINCAD, offers the perspectives of several industry leaders on the impact of Libor discontinuation. Among these, FINCAD’s Jonathan Rosen, PhD, comments, “The loss of the Libor derivatives market data as input to interest rate models will mean a drastic increase in the modelling complexity for pricing trades considered standard today. “ FINCAD’s Russell Goyder, PhD, Director of Quantitative R&D and James Church, VP of Product Management and R&D, also offer their views on modeling in light of the Libor phase-out.