Risk Management Technology Product of the Year


Since 1990, FINCAD has been helping firms make better investment and risk decisions, improve workflow efficiency, and reduce operational risk.

Risk Management Technology Product of the Year

FINCAD offers solutions that enable our clients to meet on-going market and regulatory changes. Whether it's our unique, patent-pending, Universal Algorithmic Differentiation™ that allows our customers to calculate first order risk for every market data point in their portfolio (without "bumping"), its generic architecture that enables complete flexibility in pricing virtually any trade/portfolio or its approach to portfolio-level CVA, FINCAD solutions provide the information users need to make better decisions.

Universal Algorithmic Differentiation™ for In-Depth Risk Measurement

Through its Universal Algorithmic Differentiation™ (UAD), F3 delivers guaranteed first-order risk, providing you with the exact risk associated with the trade or your entire portfolio. A robust fusion of calculus and advanced software engineering, Universal Algorithmic Differentiation™ eliminates the need for resource intensive finite difference methods, also known as "bumping" providing greater accuracy and efficiency.

Generic Architecture to Price Virtually Anything

Generically represent virtually any financial structure or payoff, no matter how exotic. Easily construct any term sheet in a number of environments, such as Excel®, MATLAB®, or any developer language, without programming by using an XML-based F3 function definition, lexical trade representation, or customizable object oriented tools that allow lower level component objects to combine and form complex composite representations of a given trade. With this kind of flexibility, you can price virtually anything, opening the door to new market opportunities.

Flexible CVA Pricing to Actively Manage Counterparty Credit Risk

Calculate CVA on any trade or netting set through F3's innovative approach, which treats CVA as a specific calculation application, in principle no different from pricing complex derivatives. This allows CVA to be calculated using the same models and generic Monte Carlo pricing engine as for any other exotic trade.

F3 allows you to use unlimited market data and risk factors in its cohesive pricing framework to capture the sensitivities of CVA to all market quotes, parameters, and notionals. These can be used to calculate hedge factors, pre-trade estimates of incremental CVA, and more.This approach supports Wrong-Way Risk, as well as collateralized netting sets.

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