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FINCAD Launches F3 3.0 Offering Market Leading Hybrid Modeling and Advanced Curve Building
By Moses To | July 18, 2012

Vancouver, Dublin – July 18, 2012

FINCAD, the market leader for innovative derivatives solutions, announced today the launch of F3 3.0. The new release includes important enhancements such as market correlation calibration for hybrid modeling and dual-curve stripping capabilities consistent with the cross-currency market including cheapest-to-deliver curve construction.

The new F3 hybrid modelling technology provides a unique ability to use market observables to calibrate the incremental instantaneous correlation matrices. This new functionality offers more effective pricing and the intuitive design offers an easy to use solution for all analytics users.

F3's enhanced dual-curve stripping for OIS and Libor rates as well as cheapest-to-deliver discounting for multi-currency CSAs take into account meeting dates such as ECB, smoothing methodologies and turn pressure.

With this release, further functionality enhancements now allow for more intuitive and rapid creation of cancellable swaps, convertible and callable bonds where observation dates can be based on roll dates and not explicitly defined.

"The calculations for pricing derivatives and measuring risk are becoming increasingly complex under regulatory reform. Collateral requirements and capital charges will not only transform the industry but change the day-to-day pricing of instruments and portfolios," Adam Sussman, Partner, Director of Research, TABB Group. "In order to capitalize on these changes, derivatives traders need a flexible and highly accurate approach to risk measurement."

"With over 20 years of domain expertise, we are dedicated to continued innovation of our products to best equip our clients to address the challenges of today's market," said Bob Park, President and CEO, FINCAD. "The new F3 functionalities are beneficial to users looking to evaluate the impact of derivatives pricing with different discounting methodologies or for identifying optimal modeling choices. The cheapest-to-deliver curve functionality will construct a curve based on specific collateral agreements and numeraire currencies."


Founded in 1990, FINCAD provides advanced modeling solutions built on award-winning, patent pending technology. With more than 4,000 clients in over 80 countries around the world, FINCAD is the leading provider of financial risk analytics technology, enabling global market participants to make informed hedging and investment decisions. FINCAD provides software and services supporting the valuation, reporting and risk management of derivatives and fixed income portfolios to banks, corporate treasuries, hedge funds, asset management firms, audit firms, and governments. FINCAD Analytics can be accessed through Excel, MATLAB, as a Software-as-a-Service or embedded into an existing system through software development kits. Now, over 70 FINCAD Alliance Partners embed FINCAD Analytics within their solutions. FINCAD provides sales and client services from Dublin, Ireland, and Vancouver, Canada.

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