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Better Curves = Better Returns: 3 Webinars for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds
By Rob Garfield | September 12, 2017

It’s no secret that market changes such as negative interest rates, OIS discounting and greater regulation around margining have made curve-building more difficult than ever. If you want to thrive in this unpredictable marketplace, you must have the flexibility to rapidly adjust your curves on a moment’s notice and without excess cost.

And fast, flexible curve-building is not only critical to coping with market changes. It can also directly impact your profitability by enabling you to move fast on promising trading opportunities. Below I’ve compiled three of our most popular webinars regarding how buy-side firms can optimize their approaches to curve-building. These webinars contain key best practices that many leading firms are incorporating into their curve-building approach, and which are enabling them to rapidly deploy profitable trading strategies.   

1. Flexible Curve Building: Valuation and Risk for Today and Tomorrow

Accurate curve building is an essential part of a successful derivatives business. But what do you do when erratic market behavior forces you to rethink the curves you build and the way you build them? Do you recode? Rebuild? Such options are valid when unforeseen market events are infrequent, but recent history has shown us a continuing trend towards the unexpected. To cope with all the uncertainty, financial institutions need tools that help protect their firms.

In this on-demand webinar, our experts weigh in on how to rapidly adapt to market challenges such as negative rates, LCH/CME basis, and OIS discounting, and achieve accurate hedging with comprehensive real-time risk among other relevant curve-building topics.

2. Advanced OIS Curve Building: Best Practices

Because OIS is the standard funding rate in CSA agreements, widely adopted in both the OTC and centrally cleared markets, implications of not adopting best practices are significant. Without accurate OIS curve construction, your valuation, pricing, and risk output is compromised. As a result, you are likely losing opportunities by lagging the market, trading on bad information, misreporting P&L or misunderstanding risk in your book.

In this on-demand webinar, we explore best practices for building robust OIS curves, including handling the nuances of the short and long ends of the OIS curve, incorporating dual-curve stripping and advanced smoothing techniques, and performing dual-curve calibration and hedging long dated OIS-Libor basis risk.

3. Curves, Correlation and Calibration: Advanced Structures and Hybrid Modeling

Hybrids and structured products have become a well-established asset class among retail and institutional investors alike, and they arise naturally in liability structures and asset-liability management. As the universe and complexity of hybrid and structured products continues to grow, an effective and future-proof modeling framework is necessary to price, structure, and risk manage these complex products and their exposures.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss essential modeling considerations for the accurate pricing and risk management of hybrids and advanced structures, including numeraire corrections for hybrid simulation, cross-asset correlation calibration, exotic payoff structures modeling and more.

For more information on how to improve curve-building, see our resources section, which is updated regularly with new, timely content.