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FINCAD Launches New Bond Data and Analytics Service
By David Munves, CFA | June 7, 2021

I am pleased to announce that FINCAD has launched a new, comprehensive bond data and analytics service. Through our partnership with Fite Analytics we now offer clients access to world class evaluated bond prices, reference data, and analytics on either a stand-alone basis or as part of a comprehensive portfolio solution. This addition has expanded our portfolio of services offerings, which complement our existing strength in installed software.   

How our Bond Data & Analytics Service Works

Clients can directly access Fite Analytics’ fixed income security and portfolio solutions via a cloud-based REST API.  They need only to provide security identifiers and perhaps valuation dates and settlement prices.  We then return bond-level analytical outputs such as yield, duration, convexity and cash flows at the security and portfolio levels.  We can also produce portfolio metrics, as required. 

In addition, Fite Analytics’ bond models and reference data will soon be integrated into FINCAD analytics solutions, providing a single view of the risk and return characteristics of clients’ fixed income and derivatives portfolios. 

Why Our Service is Unique

Dealing with multiple bond data and analytics providers is often an expensive and arduous exercise for banks, fund managers, insurance companies, and other asset owners.  It means managing technical overheads and data and analytics vendors, not to mention hosting, exposing, and managing data and processes.  FINCAD Bond Data and Analytics Service takes care of all these tasks and costs, freeing up managers’ time so they can focus on their core missions of generating alpha, asset selection, and portfolio and risk management.  

Coverage is another area where I believe that our service is second to none. Our instrument coverage on a global basis extends from government and corporate securities to municipal bonds and structured products including RMBS, CMBS, ABS, CLOs, CDOs and CMOs. 

Clients have access to comprehensive security reference data and analytics for more than 3 million securities currently outstanding, and many millions more that have matured. This enables quants, portfolio managers and risk managers alike to view reference data and analytics on the major sectors of the global bond markets—all in one place.   

The Bond Data and Analytics Service’s portfolio metrics include performance attribution and stress tests that can be run using any historical or future date to study past and project forward horizon performance. By providing either a single view of your combined fixed income and derivatives portfolios or easy access to evaluated bond prices and analytics, we enable you to make informed investment and risk management decisions with confidence. 

Learn More

Check out our webpage for more information, or reach out to us for a conversation on how FINCAD Bond Data and Analytics might benefit your firm.

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About the author
David Munves, CFA
Head of Global Direct Sales | FINCAD

David brings many years of experience to FINCAD in creating and selling complex financial solutions to banks, asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, and other capital markets participants, as well as to corporate treasury departments. In addition, he built and managed teams at major investment banks and rating agencies. David is a graduate of Kenyon College and holds a Masters degree in International and Public Affairs from Columbia University. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.