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Founded in 1987, Kalahari’s best-in-class pricing engine provides accurate real-time prices and calculations across markets in more than 60 different currencies, including G10 Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and Latin America and all the associated crosses. This unique capability to link a wide variety of different markets and prices across the globe supports professionals at world leading financial institutions and global exchanges, and is trusted to help drive trading decisions across the markets. 

Kalahari's solutions all sit on a common software platform, its Real-Time Calculation Engine. This consumes market data from a variety of sources and executes a calculation model to produce high value derived data for use by automated systems and traders alike. FINCAD’s derivatives pricing library is embedded in Kalahari’s Real-Time Calculation Engine. 

The solutions combine advanced mathematics with a wide range of market scenarios. They incorporate, for example, event-driven curves to provide consistent and reliable prices on standard and non-standard trades. Prices are displayed in real-time and can be distributed to all methods of execution – whether it is voice trading, electronic trading, ecommerce, publishing and compliance.

From single desk installation to organisation-wide multi-regional systems, users can choose from multiple sources of real-time live data to be used in pricing curves, allied with advanced aggregation methods ensuring confidence and consistent pricing.

Kalahari has been a FINCAD partner since 1997. Arrange a demo, or contact us for more information: www.kalahari.co.uk


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