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FINCAD solutions enable better investment and risk decisions, improve workflow efficiency, and reduce operational risk.

Make Better Investment Decisions

As a life insurer, it is important to have financial analytics that are dependable and that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. But you may be held back by inflexible systems or outdated analytics that prevent you from proactively tracking the performance of portfolios. This compromises your ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions, and make optimal investment decisions.

F3 provides you with a single, unified system for the accurate evaluation of assets and liabilities, and the flexibility to build and validate risk, hedging and investment strategies on the fly across equities, credit, inflation and rates. The solution provides accurate pricing of multi-asset multi-currency derivatives and helps you handle negative rates. F3 delivers the flexibility and control needed by the most demanding quantitative teams, the speed and accuracy needed by portfolio managers and traders, and the comprehensive reporting and analysis needed by risk managers. Plus, all teams are aligned with a consistent, enterprise-wide view of modeling, valuation, and risk results.

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Portfolio valuation and risk analytics for multi-asset derivatives and fixed income.

Case Study

Arca Vita Case Study

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