Last Amended: April, 2017

This document provides information and specifications regarding use of FINCAD branding and related proprietary rights notices, which are referenced in various FINCAD license agreements. FINCAD branding may not be used except as expressly permitted by a written license agreement issued by FINCAD. Unauthorized use of FINCAD branding is strictly prohibited.

FINCAD Branding The “AbF Logo” is as follows: Electronic versions of the AbF Logo are included in the following files distributed under license: and Analytics_by_FINCAD.png. Those electronic versions of the AbF Logo must be used for all reproductions of the AbF Logo. The logotype is a special type setting and must never be reset or altered in any way. The electronic versions of the AbF Logo in AI format are suitable for print use and are scalable for unlimited resolution. The electronic versions of the AbF Logo in png format are suitable for online or interface applications.

The AbF Logo can be reproduced in color as follows: The AbF Logo is reproduced in Black with the “CAD” tinted to 50% shade.

Pantone: The “Analytics by” is PMS 295 Navy Blue, “FIN” is PMS 295 Navy Blue, and the “CAD” is PMS 193 Red.

RGB: Navy blue - R 0 / G 40 / B 85, red - R 191 / G 13 / B 62.

CMYK: Navy blue - C 100 / M 69 / Y 8 / K 54 and red - C 2 / M 99 / Y 62 / K 11.

Hex: Navy blue - 002855, red - BF0D3E.

The AbF Logo may be reproduced in white against any solid or screened color background. The AbF Logo may never be combined with any other typography or graphic elements. There must be sufficient clear space around the AbF Logo, not less than one-half of the height of the Logo, into which no words or images may intrude. The minimum size for the reproduction of the AbF Logo is 30mm in length. The AbF Logo must always be used in its original, as designed, proportions, and must never be condensed, expanded or distorted beyond its original proportions. Elements of the AbF Logo may not be reduced or enlarged separately.

The “FINCAD Marks” are the AbF Logo and the trademarks FINCAD™ and ANALYTICS BY FINCAD™. 2. Notices The “Proprietary Rights Notice” is as follows: “Portions of this software are owned by FinancialCAD Corporation and are used under license. Copyright © FinancialCAD Corporation. All Rights Reserved.” The “Trademark Notice” is as follows: “FINCAD™ and ANALYTICS BY FINCAD™