FINCAD Customer Support Portal

Our Support Portal is designed to help you optimize your success with FINCAD software. As a supported user, you can access the Portal to: 

  • Download the latest software, maintenance, and hotfix releases from the website
  • View product demos, workbook demos, and training videos
  • Create support cases and track progress


Telephone and Email Support

The FINCAD Customer Success team offers personalized services that help you leverage FINCAD technology to solve your pricing, valuation, and risk-related challenges. As a supported customer, you have direct access to our finance and system experts, who can help you with issues such as:

  • How a FINCAD software function operates
  • Which software function to use to achieve a specific objective
  • Why specific errors are occurring when you use FINCAD software, and how to resolve them
  • How to escalate your query to our Development experts that provide patches, fixes, corrections, or minor enhancements as available through our product management lifecycle

Hours of Service:

9am - 2am CET (Central European Time)
8am - 1am GMT
3am - 8pm ET (Eastern Time)
12am - 5pm PT (Pacific Time)

To speak with a support technician: 

1 866 382 7513 (in North America)
00 800 3300 5060 (International)


Online Documentation & User Guides

As a FINCAD customer, you have access to on-demand product documentation, user guides, release notes, and installation guides for all FINCAD products. FINCAD documentation is updated as part of each new product release.

Online Knowledge Base

FINCAD offers supported customers access to our on-demand knowledge base of articles, technical documentation, videos and white papers to help support ongoing, self-directed learning. Our knowledge library continues to grow with new articles and content on a weekly basis to provide ongoing value to our customers.