Solutions for Partners


FINCAD partners have access to industry-leading technology for financial analytics, enabling them to accelerate time-to-market and lower the cost of ownership of their solutions.

Solutions for Partners

FINCAD Alliance partners work with any one, or any combination, of FINCAD's innovative multi-asset class derivatives solutions.  Which solution is the correct one for your company will depend upon the level of sophistication of your client's derivatives analytics requirements, as well as the specific type of technology with which you wish to integrate.

F3 - Stateful, Object Oriented Financial Analytics Sofware

F3 utilizes FINCAD's Universal Algorithmic Differentiation™ to deliver a highly flexible, object oriented analytics solution that can represent virtually any trade, instrument or valuation model.

The ultimate developer solution for derivatives analytics, F3 is platform agnostic and available in Excel, MATLAB and as a Software Development Kit.  Models developed in the F3 Toolbox for MATLAB® can be ported to F3 Excel Edition or any other integrated application and vice versa enabling developers to maximize development flexibility, reduce development time and optimize resource utilization.

Download F3 Platform (420KB PDF)

Download F3 SDK Brochure (914KB PDF)
Download F3 Excel Edition brochure (886KB PDF)
Download F3 Toolbox for use with MATLAB brochure (1,710KB PDF)

FINCAD Analytics Suite - Comprehensive, Cross-Asset Class Function-Based Analytics Library

The FINCAD Analytics Suite provides industry standard, market-tested analytics for derivatives and fixed income securities across all major asset classes.

Designed for ease of integration, the Software Development Kit includes code samples across all supported programming languages with full documentation and the Microsoft® Excel add-in is an excellent prototyping, testing, or benchmarking tool.

Download FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel brochure (901 KB PDF)
Download FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers brochure (670 KB PDF)

Insight - Web Software as a Service (SaaS)

White label, integrate, or build a connector to any of FINCAD’s SaaS products.

Hedge Accounting Insight

The perfect addition to an existing Treasury solution or service, Hedge Accounting Insight is designed to automate the hedge effectiveness testing process, making it easy to comply with hedge accounting standards such as FAS 133 and IAS 39 / IFRS 9. 

Fair Value Insight

Enable your system to support fair value accounting requirements.  Fair Value Insight provides the fair value calculations necessary for effective derivatives reporting for fair value accounting to support compliance with the fair value accounting standards FAS 157 and IFRS 7.

FINCAD Valuation Engine

Leverage the FINCAD Valuation Engine to add an independent valuation to your existing system and save development time with its pre-configured trades and market data. The FINCAD Valuation Engine can be deployed complete with data and curves from FINCAD or with your own data and/or curves.

Download Hedge Accounting Insight brochure (943KB PDF)
Download Fair Value Insight brochure (993KB PDF)



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