Brazilian Swap Pricing with FINCAD Analytics Suite
October 27, 2014

In FINCAD Analytics Suite, functions are available to price Brazilian Pre-DI (Deposito Interbancario) swaps. In a Pre-DI swap the floating rate is the average one day interbank deposit rate. This rate is known as the CDI or overnight DI rate. This rate is annualized and is calculated daily by the Center for Custody and Financial Settlement of Securities (CETIP).

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The Brazilian swap has only one payment which occurs at maturity and pricing is done using the CDI rate.

The fixed leg notional accretes daily from the effective date as:


  • t = the time,
  • N = the initial notional,
  • ╬║ = the fixed rate, and
  • n = the number business days between the effective date and the time t .

Similarly, the floating leg accumulates daily accruals from the effective date as:


  • ri = CDI rate at date i .

The CDI rate is an annualized rate (R) paying:


In FINCAD Analytics Suite, pricing and cashflow functions exist to price Pre-DI swaps. The outputs of the pricing functions not only include fair value and accrual value but also par rates / spreads, days outstanding and elapsed, and various risk stats including basis point value, duration and convexity. The results can be outputted for each individual leg, for the swap or for all 3 at once.

For the cashflow functions, various table outputs can be displayed which would include reset information, fix and float leg accruals and implied rates.

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