The Buy Side Evolution: Moving to Multi-Asset
April 25, 2017

For buy side firms, moving to multi-asset investing is an absolute necessity and is critical to achieving a competitive advantage.

In this on-demand webinar, guest speaker, Kevin McPartland of Greenwich Associates, reviews their recent research on how the buy side is adapting to increased investor demand for diversified asset allocation. FINCAD’s Marcus Varnai examines the impact of multi-asset strategies on buy side firms, and covers the benefits of multi-asset portfolio analytics and risk solutions. Plus, Samer Refai of Pension Insurance Corporation, a $20B institutional asset manager, discusses his firm’s requirements for a new Interest Rates and Derivatives desk, and how they built it.

Topics include how you can:

  • Enhance performance and respond faster to market opportunities with the freedom to trade what you want, when you want and where you want
  • Optimize and manage multi-asset portfolios with configurable portfolio analytics and risk reports
  • Align the front and middle office and minimize operational risk with a centralized valuation and risk engine
  • Satisfy investors and regulators with consistent risk measurement and reporting
The Buy Side Evolution: Moving to Multi-Asset
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The Buy Side Evolution: Moving to Multi-Asset