Greenwich Associates Buy-Side Risk Technology Report
April 13, 2018

According to Greenwich Associates research, 77% of investment managers are evaluating or planning to upgrade their risk technology in the next 12 months. 

Low interest rates over the past decade have created a global search for yield, which means portfolio managers are being more creative about how to generate returns. Many are electing to expand into emerging markets and new asset classes, as that is where the yield tends to lie. 

Unfortunately many buy-side firms’ current risk platforms lack the flexibility and coverage needed to enable entrance into new markets and products. Thus, upgrading these systems has grown critically important. 


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  • Key drivers prompting buy-side firms to double their spending on risk technology in 2018 
  • The top 5 shortcomings of the typical firm’s portfolio and risk technology – and how to overcome these 
  • What top-performing buy-sides consider the ‘Holy Grail’ of functionality in a new portfolio and risk system

About the Study    

In Q1 2018, Greenwich Associates interviewed 54 asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, and insurance companies about their use of risk management technology. The analysis, which includes responses from portfolio managers, risk managers, traders, and quantitative analysts, examines current platforms used, concerns with those platforms, demands for new functionality, and drivers for change in the coming year.

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Greenwich Associates Buy-Side Risk Technology Report
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Greenwich Associates Buy-Side Risk Technology Report