License Activation


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Online License Activation

Open the FINCAD License Manager tool from the main FINCAD menu and follow the on-screen instructions.  Your machine will need an internet connection to contact FINCAD’s license service in order activate a license.  If you can’t connect to the License Service then you will need to activate manually.

  1. Open the FINCAD License Manager tool from the main FINCAD menu and click Next.
  2. Enter the PSN, then click Next.
  3. Enter the user’s contact information.
  4. Click Next and the license will activate.

Activating the FINCAD license manually

If you are unable to contact the FINCAD License Service and perform the Online License Activation then you must perform a Manual Activation.

  1. Open the FINCAD License Manager and click Next.
  2. Select the Perform a manual activation checkbox and click Next.

    A hardware ID code will be issued. Click on Copy hardware ID and SAVE this code as it will be used later in the process. Click Next.
    The License Manager will display a message requesting the activation email which is generated below in the FINCAD Support Portal.
  3. Access the FINCAD Support Portal and click on the Licensing tab.  Enter the PSN (or Hardware ID) and click “Submit”, and then click “Activate” to proceed to manual activation workflow.
  4. Enter the hardware ID issued by the License Manager (see step 3) in the Host ID field.
  5. Enter your current e-mail address in both fields and click “Submit”.
  6. An email with the activation content will be sent to the email entered in the previous step. Copy the whole body of the email and paste it into the License Manager, then click Next.
  7. Click Next and the license is activated.


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