PSN Retrieval


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Retrieving your FINCAD PSN (Product Serial Number)

Finding your PSN 

In order to perform an activation or license check you will first need to know your Product Serial Number (PSN).  

A PSN is a license key that can be used to activate FINCAD software on an individual machine.Contact your organisation’s FINCAD contact who manages your FINCAD licenses or your FINCAD Account Manager, requesting your PSN details.

Alternatively, you can recover a PSN using the licensing tab in the support portal. To do this enter your FINCAD unique hardware ID, from a machine that currently has or previously had a FINCAD license registered on it, in the "Host ID" section and select your "Product" and click Submit. This Hardware ID can be retrieved from the FINCAD License Manager in the product itself by selecting the “Perform Manual Activation” option and clicking Next. 

License Status

Once you have obtained your PSN you can then check how many active FINCAD licenses your Company has. By entering your PSN in the form shown above you can check the expiry date, number of licenses and the number of activation slots available per PSN.


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