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Python for Derivatives

Standard Python tools for industry-standard analytics.

Extending FINCAD's world-class analytics with Python lets you script various valuation and risk instruments without having to learn proprietary programming languages. Python's extensibility and flexibility allow you to optimize your portfolio and make informed decisions with confidence.

Take portfolio management to the next level with Python.

Using standard Python tools with FINCAD's versatile analytics gives you unlimited control and precision over managing every aspect of your portfolio. The possibilities are endless.

Python allows you to accomplish precisely what you want around data analysis. And with unlimited access to our extensive pricing libraries, you can develop applications, reports, trade scripting and analyses that show the best investment opportunities and risk allocations for you and your clients.

Custom analysis made easy.

Develop faster

Python allows you to boost your productivity and extend FINCAD's analytics capabilities using a vast ecosystem of off-the-shelf libraries and tools. You can easily write custom apps to backtest investment strategies, optimize portfolios and achieve hedging profiles without waiting for a system upgrade.

Deploy everywhere

At FINCAD, we embrace Python in everything we do so that you can build and share apps using a familiar programming language. You can easily work with preconfigured modules, generate agile reports, and access industry-standard API's. And to maintain coherence, the API's we use are exactly the same API's we share with you.

Share your know-how 

Having a familiar and easy to use language at your fingertips lets you integrate with a multitude of analytics components. That also allows you to collaborate with colleagues, share your expertise, and get timely feedback.

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Get the most precise and flexible analytics using standard Python tools.