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FINCAD solutions enable better investment and risk decisions, improve workflow efficiency and reduce operational risk.

Create unlimited custom analytics, applications and reports to drive better decisions.

Your firm is unique, and your portfolio and risk systems should have the flexibiliy to easily accommodate your specific requirements. With FINCAD F3 and the Python Toolkit you have the flexibility for unlimited customization using Python and its rich ecosystem, plus FINCAD’s industry standard analytics.

The F3 Python Toolkit helps you deploy and centrally manage your Python code with the enterprise-class technology of F3 Platform. Portfolio managers, traders, and quants can maximize productivity by easily collaborating with each other. This also frees them to focus on creating value without the burden of infrastructure issues, such as data management, calculation scaling, admin and security.

The FINCAD F3 Python toolkit includes an F3 Python SDK, F3 Python MicroServices and F3 Python Trade Scripting which enables traders, quants, portfolio managers and risk managers to rapidly generate custom analytics, applications and reports to drive better investment and risk decisions. 

  • Custom applications: Rapidly build applications with standard Python libraries and tools, plus native F3 functionality for building rich, interactive UIs without having to be a developer. Create custom analytics, such as portfolio optimizers, which can be viewed in F3 WorkStation.
  • Custom reports: Produce tailored reports in Python with a library of widgets for reporting, selecting books, trades and models, and for handling many types of financial inputs and outputs. Increasing productivity.
  • Trade scripting: Model and script complex payoffs with Python’s concise syntax and F3’s analytics and data. Examples include structured products, hybrids, and derivatives with embedded optionality.

Common use cases include:

  • Strategy back-testing 
  • Structured product scripting
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Tailored hedging strategies
  • LDI portfolio construction
  • Cash flow matching
  • Custom pre-trade analytics, risk reports and real-time dashboards

F3 Python Toolkit Datasheet

F3 Python Toolkit Datasheet

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