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FINCAD solutions enable better investment and risk decisions, improve workflow efficiency and reduce operational risk.

Unlimited Flexibility and Control

As a quant, you work to help your firm’s traders and portfolio managers put profitable trading strategies into action, but inflexible systems and black boxes limit your ability to create or modify models and curves.

To rapidly put new trading strategies into action, you need ultimate flexibility and control over your models and curves. F3’s advanced modular framework enables fast modeling of virtually any instrument and delivers unmatched flexibility for custom curve building, making it easier to move fast on profitable opportunities.

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Features Benefits
Standard out-of-the-box models have broad asset class coverage and include cross currency models for G20 and pre-defined curves for many other emerging markets. Rapid model and instrument development enables you to quickly take advantage of new trading opportunities
Easily build customized models and curves that reflect your exact market view Trade quickly and confidently in new asset classes, instruments, currencies and geographies
Centralized management of all models, curves, assumptions and data Front and middle offices are armed with consistent valuation and risk results

" F3 adds great value to our business, particularly with our interest rates and FX portfolios. We now have precise control over our valuations and hedging. "

- Active Fund Manager with over $18B AUM

Three Keys to Future-proofing Your Firm with Flexible Curve Building

Three Keys to Future-proofing Your Firm with Flexible Curve Building

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Learn how pre-built modeling components in F3 provide depth of coverage for multi-currency, multi-asset strategies.