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FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers is a Software Development Kit containing FINCAD’s derivatives and fixed-income analytics library which covers all major asset classes, including a full range of standard instruments. With FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers, you can generate accurate financial valuations and risk reports for management and customers with the most comprehensive industry-standard instrument coverage.

FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers is a solution for new software builds or improving existing systems. Code samples and step-by-step sample applications in every supported programming language (Java, Python, C++, C, C#, VBA and VB.Net) make it easy to embed FINCAD analytics into your applications. FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers is supported for MS Windows and Linux.

Technical documentation comes standard with FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers to streamline the development and integration process. Complete transparency is provided in one of the most comprehensively documented solutions in the industry which includes:

  • Language-specific math and function references
  • Models and methodologies described, explained and fully referenced
  • Complete descriptions of every input and output
  • Language-specific instructions and examples
  • Error codes
  • DLL architecture diagram

Additionally, FINCAD Analytics Suite for Developers comes with the FINCAD Analytics Finder. The FINCAD Analytics Finder enables you to find what you need and keeps your favourites and recently used items at the top of list. All functions across all asset classes and supporting mathematics are fully documented and available in a single click.

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