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Capture a single view of risk with a single coherent platform.

FINCAD F3 is a unique enterprise software platform that uses standard Python tools to deliver fast, flexible, and future-proof analytics. Fully customizable with configurable content out of the box, F3 provides endless possibilities to help you make informed pre-trade, valuation and risk reporting decisions with confidence and without compromises. 

Make informed valuation and risk decisions every time.

The F3 platform adds world-class analytics to your technology stack. Its flexible building blocks let you model, calculate, and report on every aspect of your portfolio any way you like. It also fosters true collaboration, from creating ideas for investment strategies to trading and ongoing risk management.

Always ahead. Always informed.

FINCAD F3 is the most flexible analytics platform for the capital markets.

The Best Analytics

Model curves and analyze risk with confidence and precision.

Unmatched Flexibility

Python lets you create and share apps in ways you've always imagined.

Secure Cloud Services

Your data is protected with reliable and certified AWS cloud technology.

Better insight. Better decisions.

Work the way you want

Spend more time being productive instead of getting bogged down with proprietary tools or waiting for IT to help with implementation. With F3, you can quickly and accurately analyze position and risk that's based on your unique view of the market. 

Work faster, work smarter

F3's rich UI covers many standard workflows that don't need to be built from scratch. Apps and reports are ready to go out of the box so you can use them as-is or as a starting point. You can also easily share apps using Python and manage data with intuitive audit trails and historical reports.

Learn more about Python

Work Efficiently

You can configure F3 with curated best-practice content, such as valuation objects and scripts. These handy content configurations let you quickly start modeling more products in more markets, consistently and efficiently.

Work with a reliable cloud platform

F3's secure cloud technology is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud computing platform. Using F3 in the cloud allows you to get up and running fast, protect your data, lower IT costs, and scale your entire business without disruption.

All the coverage you need.

Fixed Income

The most flexible analytics platform is also backed by the most flexible services.

Our highly skilled teams of market experts in quantitative finance and software implementation are on hand at any time to help you every step of the way. From onboarding to implementing a custom project, we can help you reduce infrastructure costs and modernize your operations with virtually no downtime.

Learn more about Client Services

All in all, we are pleased to say that every one of the goals we laid out for our FINCAD solution has currently been met. We look forward to the fact that FINCAD will give us the ongoing ability to deliver more services, more quickly to our clients.

Mark van Doorn, Treasurer at NWB Bank
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