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FINCAD Insight Solutions

Reduce risk, save time and decide with confidence.

FINCAD Insight Solutions seamlessly bridge the gap between prudent derivatives risk management strategies, accurate financial reporting, and necessary accounting disclosures. Take control of your financial reporting with automated reports, comprehensive documentation and gain a deeper insight into your derivative positions.

Valuation and compliance made easy.

FINCAD’s Insights Solutions offer you a cost-effective way to reduce operational risk with transparent analytics and market data, better manage P&L volatility, and easily validate counterparty prices. 

It has never been easier to ensure your cash flow and fair value hedging strategy complies with FAS 133, IFRS 9, FAS 157, and IFRS 7.

Gain insight fast, in the cloud.

Fair Value Insight

Automated and affordable, Fair Value Insight is a powerful web-based solution that helps you perform mark-to-market valuation and run risk on your derivative and fixed income portfolio, on-demand.

Hedge Accounting Insight

Hedge Accounting Insight provides all the functionality of Fair Value Insight, as well as comprehensive hedge effectiveness test reports for compliance with IFRS hedge accounting standards, full pass/fail hedge testing transparency, and greater visibility into your hedging portfolio.

Without FINCAD important tasks such as setting up a SIBOR hedge effectiveness relationship, testing it, and generating the valuations would have taken two weeks to accomplish.

Umair Shahid, Manager of Financial Accounting and Reporting, ACWA Power
Case Study
ACWA Case Study
Learn how ACWA Power instilled greater efficiency into hedge accounting and gained comprehensive reporting using FINCAD.

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Get a cost-effective valuation and risk tool with FINCAD Insight Solutions.