FINCAD solutions enable better investment and risk decisions, improve workflow efficiency and reduce operational risk.

Fair Value Insight

Fair Value Insight is an automated and affordable web-based platform to perform mark-to-market valuation and run risk on your derivative and fixed income portfolio on-demand.

Reporting Directly to Your Inbox

With Fair Value Insight, both aggregate and granular valuation and risk reports can be delivered directly to your inbox on a schedule that works for you. Using Fair Value Insight to disclose the effect of fluctuations in FX, rates, and commodity prices on P&L to stakeholders and auditors provides full market risk transparency and thorough financial disclosure.

Control Operational Risk

Manual approaches to valuation are not only complex and time consuming, but they can also lead to costly mistakes. Avoid user error and control operational risk when marking your hedging portfolio to market by using Fair Value Insight’s automated valuation service. Accurate and reliable results generated by FINCAD’s valuation engine are emailed directly to your inbox.

Powerful Scenario Generation

Risk management is improved with Fair Value Insight. ICAP’s unrivaled market data is pre-integrated into the Fair Value Insight mark-to-market solution with FINCAD’s valuation engine. Easily create and run scenarios to understand the risk to your portfolio from a variety of factors. A comprehensive set of valuation and risk models are available to produce industry-standard risk measures and valuations across a grid of computing power.

Granular and Aggregate Risk Reporting

Portfolio performance is easily assessed at a glance with Fair Value Insight’s high-level dashboards and detailed risk reporting. All results are fully transparent, providing a full audit trail for forensic inspection and compliance. Mathematics, market data, and methodologies of calculation are completely transparent, satisfying even the strictest auditors.

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Fair Value Insight

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