F3 delivers comprehensive, highly flexible, and scalable solutions for pricing, valuation, and risk challenges across the enterprise.


Web Service API and Line of Business Integration

F3 Platform includes a set of web service APIs that provide access to the analytics engine and data management services. The F3 Platform API hides the complexity of the scalability implementation from the calling application and provides integration points with other systems. F3 Platform’s asynchronous API enables developers to select between polling and callback handling in their applications. The F3 Platform API provides both RESTful and RPC interfaces that enable systems to:

  • Perform create, read, update and delete operations on trades, models, and market data
  • Provide filters for read operations on lists of objects
  • Perform trade, portfolio, and enterprise-level analytics with the same set of APIs

Data and calculation management

F3 Platform manages the decomposition and distribution of calculation tasks across the available computing resource pool, so you don’t need to. In an environment with elastic computing resources, F3 Platform can scale as resources are available without requiring reconfiguration. F3 Platform Manager deals with concurrent requests through a resource queuing mechanism. Computing resources can be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis or by pre-allocating resources for priority-sensitive computations. Calculations that require simulation are split into execution units that run in parallel. Finally, Platform Manager handles the recombination of results for delivery back to the calling application, triggering callbacks if required.

Application integration

F3 Platform also provides line-of-business system and application integration through a comprehensive set of industry-standard web services APIs that interoperate with Java, C++, C#, Python and many other programming languages. Fully customizable data connectors provide integration with trade data, market data, and security master systems while multiple options for UI integration are available for model development and trade definition, including Excel® and MATLAB®.

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