F3 delivers comprehensive, highly flexible, and scalable solutions for pricing, valuation, and risk challenges across the enterprise.

Risk Management Workflow

Pre-trade, Trading, and Post-Trade Analytics Integration

F3 Platform supports all aspects of the risk management workflow for pre-trade, trading, and post-trade analytics—as a highly scalable analytics service or as a technology platform with data management services. F3 Platform enables integration with your existing workflow in steps that make sense for your business and existing processes and systems, saving time and resources,

Risk analytics solution

When integrating with systems that need risk measures but already provide data management of trade, security, and market data, F3 Platform’s highly scalable analytics engine can be called to directly provide risk analysis. F3 Platform manages the complexities of decomposing large calculations, distributing them across multiple processors, recombining results, and delivering them to the calling system.

Technology platform

As a technology platform, F3 Platform provides risk measures and data management services. In addition to decomposing and distributing complex pricing and risk challenges, recombining results coherently, and delivery to the F3 calling system, using F3 Platform as a technology platform enables consistent sharing of all data across desks, departments, and the enterprise.

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Control models, assumptions, and data, prevent trading losses from spreadsheet errors, and improve workflow and collaboration among quants, traders, and risk managers.