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5 Case Studies on Solving Valuation and Risk Challenges
By Rob Garfield | April 4, 2017

If you are evaluating valuation and risk solutions, I would encourage you to check out the vendor’s case studies. While items like brochures, product demos, and website content are useful in helping you understand solution offerings, a good case study will give you valuable insight into real-world use cases and results of the system you might be considering.

If the vendor has a healthy library of case studies available—even better. You should be able to pinpoint at least a couple that will give you a good idea of how other firms solved the same challenges you face. 

At FINCAD, we provide numerous case studies to our clients and prospects. Since we offer different solutions to both buy- and sell-side institutions, we provide a diverse set of case studies that showcase how clients are using our solutions to overcome their biggest valuation and risk challenges. Below are a five popular FINCAD case studies showing how different firm types are getting results with our solutions. Hopefully one (or more) will resonate with you. 

1. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) Case Study

Industry: Bank holding and financial services company

Business Objective: Adopt an accurate, efficient solution for CVA reporting, necessary to meeting Basel III requirements

Requirements: MUFG required a CVA provider that not only offered the right technology, but also a complete service for handling the regulatory reporting process from beginning to end.

Results: Using FINCAD, MUFG simplified Basel III CVA reporting, saving considerable time by outsourcing the process to FINCAD’s Professional Services team. Read more about MUFG.

2. Arca Vita Case Study

Industry: Life insurer

Business Objectives: Introduce powerful analytics libraries, model structured bonds and perform scenario analysis

Requirements: Arca Vita required an easy-to-use and highly reliable software solution that could easily integrate with Excel and other existing systems.

Results: Arca Vita gained flexible curve-building, the ability to constantly monitor portfolios, and perform detailed ALM and scenario analysis. Read more about Arca Vita

3. KPMG South Africa Case Study

Industry: Audit, tax and advisory services

Business Objective: Accelerate derivative valuations for banking and corporate clients

Requirements: KPMG required an Excel-based valuation and risk solution backed by a trusted provider that could help them perform timely valuations of complex derivatives.

Results: Leveraging FINCAD’s fast and accurate audit valuation and validation results, KPMG has been able to significantly reduce modeling and computation time, and reliance on internal development resources. Read more about KPMG.

4. First Swedish National Pension Fund Case Study

Industry: Pension fund

Business Objective: Gain access to a powerful analytics library for pricing bonds and yields, able to integrate with an existing investment management application

Requirements: First Swedish National Pension Fund required an analytics library for generating bond and yield calculations. The firm also wanted a solution with a robust development toolkit to help developers build out the application.

Results: First Swedish National Pension Fund accelerated accurate bond pricing and yield calculations, and boosted efficiency through using FINCAD’s prebuilt market conventions. Read more about First Swedish National Pension Fund.

5. Frame Financial Case Study

Industry: FinTech provider of pricing and risk analytics solutions

Business Objective: Provide a key client, Kensington Capital Advisors, and other firms with a solution offering flexible deployment and custom work flows integrated with fast and sophisticated pricing and risk analytics

Requirements: Frame Financial sought a valuation tool providing powerful analytics and flexible architecture for ease of custom solution development.

Results: Using FINCAD, Frame Financial was able to effectively meet the demands of client, Kensington Capital Advisors, giving them the ability to price and analyze diverse portfolios together within a single platform. Read more about Frame Financial

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