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Navigating Real-Time Pricing and Risk of Same-Day Options
Over the past year, options trading volumes hit a record high. What’s more, nearly 50% of all S&P 500 options are now associated with zero day to expiration (0DTE) options specifically, surpassing those of all other options maturities. To look deeper into this topic, we recently held a solution webinar exploring the unique risk characteristics of same-day options.
3 Factors Transforming Mortgage-backed Security (MBS) Investing
Managing MBS investing is growing more complex by the day, placing risk concerns at the forefront for the buy-side and redefining the MBS landscape. But despite all the complexity, a recent Coalition Greenwich study finds that 67% of buy-side fixed-income professionals are poised to increase their MBS volume in 2024.
February 8, 2024
Webinar Recap: Using PnL Explain Analytics to Fuel Trading and Risk Decisions
How can we better understand the key drivers of profit and loss –and use that information to fuel improved decision-making? To tackle this question, Numerix hosted a solution-based webinar, PnL Explain: Strategic Trading Book Insights for Traders, Risk Managers & Other Stakeholders. In case you missed our live session, we've packaged up the top takeaways in today’s blog.
January 18, 2024
Using Cloud Technology to Stay Ahead in Competitive Markets 
In a complex financial environment, capital markets participants must make the most of cutting-edge technology and tools to remain competitive. Leveraging cloud-based solutions for valuation and risk management enables firms to stay ahead of the curve. Discover how Enfusion partnered with FINCAD to tap into best-of-breed analytics and technology, a move that has empowered them through their growth journey.
January 4, 2024
Numerix Top 5: Thought Leadership Year in Review
This past year was one characterized by significant change for capital markets participants trading derivatives and fixed income instruments. Heightened volatility, fluctuating interest rates, shifting regulatory demands and global events have made the market environment more complex than ever. Through all the ups and downs, we at Numerix have stayed committed to offering timely and relevant insights...
December 19, 2023
Zero Day Options Gain Momentum with New Contract Offerings
Nasdaq recently listed a series of new weekly options contracts tracking exchange-traded funds (ETFs) investing in gold, silver, natural gas, oil and long-term Treasuries, which traders can utilize for trading zero-day to expiration (ODTE) options.* Nasdaq’s announcement is notable because the Wednesday expiration date provides traders with a second day each week to take short-term positions on
December 12, 2023