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5 Ways FINCAD Helps Make Your Derivatives Business Better
By Nik Venema | April 21, 2016

We consistently hear the same story from our clients: FINCAD valuation and risk helps them drive competitive advantage for their derivatives business.

What does this mean, you ask? Good question.

Let’s be honest: our clients have successful businesses already. FINCAD just helps make their businesses better. We provide our clients with the business intelligence they need to outpace their competitors, trade more profitably, make sense of complex markets, understand their exposures and manage these exposures at the trade, portfolio and enterprise level.

A good valuation and risk solution doesn’t simply monitor performance – it drives it.

How does FINCAD do this? Here are five ways FINCAD helps make your derivatives business better:

1.  Trading is fast.

The Challenge: Firms need a framework capable of rapidly analyzing multi-asset, multi-currency portfolios, hedging exposure and attributing P&L.

The Solution: FINCAD delivers best-in-class curve building technology, capable of modeling the most complex portfolios and performing attribution and hedging nearly instantaneously with algorithmic differentiation. It’s fast — really fast.

“FINCAD’s powerful analytics helped us improve the speed and accuracy of our calculations.”
Angelica Diehn, FX & Fixed Income Analyst, First Swedish National Pension Fund

2.  Money is saved.

The Challenge: One of our clients wanted to achieve accurate and real-time front-office risk management of a £10bn multi-asset, multi-currency trading book.

The Solution: FINCAD delivers precise modeling and analytics so you save money and don’t get ripped off on trade pricing.

“If modeling is slightly off, you can be off by millions of dollars. The impact is immense. Either your analytics work or they don’t. F3 works and that’s all you need to know.”
 Portfolio Manager, Rates, Pension Insurer

3.  Analytics are flexible.

The Challenge: Clients are held back by pre-built functionality that makes it difficult for them to keep aligned with their trading and risk management objectives.

The Solution: FINCAD liberates you from the analytics holding you hostage.

“We’re not restricted to pre-built functionality but can tailor a solution that is precisely aligned with our fund’s trading and risk management strategies.”
Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund

4.  Modeling is transparent.

The Challenge: Black box technology prohibits businesses from fully understanding their exposure.

The Solution: FINCAD is white box and prevents rogue modeling assumptions from hiding in the darkest recesses of code.

“With F3 we avoid black box technology. F3 is transparent. We can see through formulas, access low level data, and see how it builds up to the valuation.”
— Quantitative Analyst, Central Bank

5.  Risk is meaningful.

The Challenge: Improperly aggregated risk at the portfolio, desk or enterprise level results in poor decision-making and unwittingly exposes your business to unnecessary risk.

The Solution: FINCAD produces holistic valuation and risk, ensuring modeling assumptions and interdependencies are handled as a whole and analytics are worth relying on.

“With the holistic F3 solution in place, we offer enhanced credibility, better investment management and better performance for our portfolios.”
Paramesan Mathen, Institutional Solutions, Ashburton Investments

Want to know more about these clients? You’re in luck. I’ve compiled these points into a flashy document, linking to the full stories, just for you. Check it out here.