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Empowering Women in Finance with a $20,000 Scholarship Award
By admin | July 20, 2023

In an industry where women are still underrepresented in top leadership positions, FINCAD, a Numerix company, is stepping up to make a difference. Our annual Women in Finance Scholarship is an initiative aimed at supporting and empowering women pursuing advanced degrees in finance. With an award of $20,000, we stand committed to providing financial assistance to help women achieve their educational goals and succeed in the finance industry. 

Addressing the Gender Gap in Finance 

Despite comprising nearly half of the entry-level finance workforce in the United States, women face significant challenges in reaching top positions. Unfortunately, only 5 percent of the largest public financial institutions have female CEOs. At FINCAD, we recognize the need for change and are actively working to bridge this gender gap.  

By providing financial support to women pursuing advanced degrees in finance, we are investing in the next generation of female leaders who will shape the future of the financial industry. This scholarship not only eases the economic burden of recipients, but also sends a powerful message that diversity and inclusion are crucial for the success and progress of the finance industry. 

Inspiring Success Stories 

The Women in Finance Scholarship has been a beacon of hope and support for many women in the finance industry over the years. Past recipients of the scholarship award have attested to its transformative impact on their educational journeys. Marcela Castro Garcia, the 2022 scholarship recipient, described it as a pivotal turning point that propelled her towards her dream job.  

Another successful applicant, Diana Laura Alvarez, highlighted how the scholarship lightened her financial burden, enabling her to focus on her studies and excel in her program. Alvarez's accomplishments immediately after graduation are a testament to the opportunities this scholarship can provide, as she secured her dream job and received recognition for her exceptional performance. 

Continuing a Legacy of Support 

After acquiring FINCAD in April 2023, Numerix made the decision to continue the Women in Finance Scholarship program initiated by FINCAD in 2014. Emanuele Conti, CEO of Numerix, expressed the company's pride in supporting the advanced education of women in finance. By upholding this initiative, Numerix is demonstrating its dedication to fostering diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities within the financial industry. 

Eligibility and Benefits 

The Women in Finance Scholarship is open to women pursuing careers in financial asset management, market risk management, or derivatives finance within the capital markets. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a post-graduate finance program at an accredited institution and have less than ten years of total work experience, with less than five years in the financial field. The scholarship recipient will receive 10,000 USD directly, which they can use at their discretion, and an additional 10,000 USD will be granted to their chosen educational institution. 

How to Apply 

The application portal for the Women in Finance Scholarship opened on June 29 and remains accessible until August 4 at 11:59 PM ET. Eligible women interested in pursuing a career in financial asset management, market risk management, or derivatives finance can find more information and access the official application form on the Women in Finance website. 

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