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FINCAD 2023 Women in Finance Scholarship: Now Accepting Applications
By Helen He | June 29, 2023

It is my pleasure to announce the kick-off of our 2023 Women in Finance Scholarship! Qualified women who are pursuing a postgraduate degree in Finance are encouraged to apply on the FINCAD website for this exciting opportunity.  

FINCAD, a Numerix company, remains committed to supporting emerging female leaders in Finance. Our annual scholarship award recognizes talented young women advancing their education with the goal of pursuing a career in financial asset management, market risk management or derivatives finance within the capital markets. We take immense pride in helping accelerate the winner’s successful path into the financial industry.  

FINCAD’s Women in Finance Scholarship was launched in 2014. Each year since, we’ve awarded US$20,000 to one eligible woman to help support her graduate-level studies in Finance, with 50% of the award being paid to the winner and the remaining 50% being paid to the educational institution to directly assist with tuition costs. 

As a quantitative developer myself, I am thrilled to see FINCAD’s commitment to other women entering into this field. For many women, a financial opportunity like this can be the deciding factor as to whether or not they are able to continue their education.  

Last year’s scholarship winner, Marcela Castro Garcia, is using her award to pursue a MSc degree in Business Analytics, Operational Research and Risk Analysis at the University of Manchester. As she works towards her advanced degree, Marcela already has impressive industry experience under her belt. In her latest position at a leading financial advisory firm, she led projects involving the largest banks in Mexico. “I am grateful for the incredible opportunity this scholarship has afforded me in being able to advance my knowledge in the flourishing field of risk management,” she commented. 

How to Apply 

FINCAD’s US$20,000 Women in Finance scholarship opportunity is open to women of any citizenship who have less than ten years’ work experience and less than five years of professional experience in the financial field. Eligible candidates must be studying finance in a graduate-level program at an accredited institution and must be pursuing or planning to pursue a career in financial asset management, financial risk management or derivatives finance. 

The application period closes August 4, 2023. Check out our Women in Finance webpage for more information and a link to the official application form.

About the author
Helen He
Helen He
Manager, Financial Engineering | FINCAD

Helen joined FINCAD’s R&D team over 10 years ago. During this time, she has made contributions to FINCAD products through conducting industry research and analysis, as well as putting code directly into the code base.

Helen holds a Master’s of Financial Risk Management degree from Simon Fraser University.