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FINCAD to Hold Breakfast Briefing on the €STR, SOFR and SONIA Transition
By Per Eriksson | September 5, 2019

The impending phase out of the key benchmark rate, Libor, will bring major changes to discount and forward rates in many countries and regions.

In fact, all firms with interest rate exposures will be affected by the transition away from Libor to some extent. For those companies that trade in many different currencies and instrument types, the change will have an even greater impact.

In an effort to work through the challenges associated with the switch to alternative rates, €STR, SOFR, and SONIA, FINCAD will be holding a breakfast briefing on Tuesday, the 24th of September. Join us for this exciting Amsterdam-based event for discourse on:

  • The changes to SOFR and SONIA, with discussions related to curve building and liquidity. 
  • Practical implications from the changes to €STR and what will happen to Euribor. 
  • How firms have started to adopt the new frameworks and the many challenges left to solve.

Attendees can expect to hear from well-versed speakers from FINCAD and Cardano, who will share their thoughts and answer questions on this pressing topic. You can learn more and register for the briefing here. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to reserve your spot today, as space is limited. 

About the author
Per Eriksson
Per Eriksson
Senior Executive, Enterprise Risk and Valuation Solutions | FINCAD

Per Eriksson is responsible for the Nordic & Benelux region at FINCAD. Per has been working in the financial software industry for the last decade with various roles at FactSet & FINCAD. His titles have ranged from senior consultant, implementation specialist, account manager and sales executive. Per has a Master’s in Financial Economics from the University of Gothenburg and holds the Professional Risk Manager Designation.