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FINCAD Recognized (Again!) as a Top Employer
By Micheline Chavigny | April 6, 2021

It is my pleasure to report that FINCAD has been recognized as a leading employer in two competitions. FINCAD was named one of BC’s Top Employers for 2021 and a Top Canadian Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) for 2021.

BC's Top Employers recognizes the 100 British Columbian employers that lead their industries in offering excellent places to work. FINCAD was recognized for its great work atmosphere, health, financial, and family benefits, generous time-off policy, employee training and skills development, and community involvement. This year marks the twelfth time that FINCAD has received this award.

Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers is an editorial competition that acknowledges the SMEs that offer the nation's best workplaces and forward-thinking human resources policies. FINCAD has been awarded this distinction for the fourth time.

“We are delighted to receive these two awards, which acknowledge the immense effort that our entire staff puts into making FINCAD an enjoyable and rewarding place to work,” commented Mark D’Arcy, President and CEO of FINCAD. “I am proud to work alongside an exceptional group of people that prioritize teamwork, collaboration and making decisions with the greater good of the company in mind.”

I personally have been employed with FINCAD for 13 years and am proud to say there is nowhere else I’d rather be. Our CEO said it best, it is the people at FINCAD that set us apart from other employers. There is a genuine feeling of support and care for employees that is demonstrated by all managers from team leads to senior management. I can say with confidence that FINCAD has my back.

I must also give special kudos to our IT team. The past year was a difficult one as we navigated our way through the pandemic. Our IT team was nothing short of phenomenal in helping everyone get set up for home work, both quickly and easily—without disruption to our company or clients. Our cloud infrastructure for internal applications made all the difference. FINCAD always aims to do the right thing for its staff, which it demonstrated in both getting everyone set up with the resources and technology needed to perform their jobs effectively and comfortably from their homes, and in the support managers provided for their personal circumstances.

FINCAD found ways to help employees continue to feel connected and engaged despite the fact that the pandemic has kept us physically apart. Whether through regular All Hands meetings, weekly departmental updates, daily team huddles or virtual chats in different time zones, open communication is our goal with the aspiration that everyone is up to date on our business goals, vision and results so that all of our efforts are aligned on FINCAD’s success.   

FINCAD also recognizes that while work is important, so is life and we offer benefits to support our team members and their families. Highlights include at least four weeks vacation on hire globally and the ability to reimburse expenses to support physical and mental wellbeing, in addition to competitive health and dental benefits, including retirement savings.

I think I can speak for all of my fellow ‘Fincadians’ when I say we are honored to have been recognized with these awards and do not take them for granted.  As a company we strive to find new ways of making FINCAD an exceptional place to work. 

Visit our careers page to view FINCAD job openings as they become available. In addition to our home office in Surrey, B.C., we also have locations in London, Dublin and New York, with more than 100 employees worldwide.

About the author
Micheline Chavigny
Micheline Chavigny
Internal Support Lead | FINCAD

Micheline Chavigny has been with FINCAD for more than 13 years and is the main administrative touchpoint and scheduler for the Executive team and four FINCAD offices. Along with her administrative duties, Micheline chairs the FINCAD H.O.P.E. committee, as well as the Ministry of Fun, which hosts social events for staff throughout the year. In her spare time, Micheline is a self-proclaimed aviation geek.