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FINCAD Recognized by Chartis RiskTech100
By admin | November 18, 2022


We are excited to announce that FINCAD, the Capital Markets division of Zafin, has been featured in the Chartis RiskTech100 rankings for 2023. Each year, Chartis analyzes the top risk and compliance technology players from across the globe to arrive at this prestigious distinction.  

FINCAD retains a strong reputation in the market as a vendor of innovative pricing and risk analytics for derivatives, fixed income and portfolio analytics. We’ve always been focused on delivering innovations that simplify the way our clients interact with our technology, ensuring accurate results and a best-in-class user experience. Our powerful Python-based solutions exemplify this mission.

FINCAD Python empowers traders, portfolio managers and risk managers alike to easily work within the vast Python ecosystem. Together, Python’s native data handling and our industry-leading analytics enable users to compute values, sensitivities and cash flows of a derivative, in just a few lines of code. Plus, the ability to deploy the solution on desktops, servers, or in the cloud, means that our Python framework offers truly lightweight installation.   

“We’re honored that Chartis Research has recognized FINCAD in their annual ranking,” commented Christian Kahl, PhD, President of FINCAD. “Having the right caliber of tools and technology at users' disposal can truly make or break their ability to stay competitive in a fast-changing marketplace. At FINCAD, we remain committed to delivering powerful fixed income, derivative and risk analytics solutions that empower our clients, which include some of the top financial institutions in the world, to solve complex problems with innovative simplicity.”  

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If you’d like to hear more about the role of Python in risk management using FINCAD, check out this brief video: