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FINCAD Webinar Series: Derivatives Best Practices
By Rob Garfield | June 27, 2016

At FINCAD, we’re focused on helping quants, traders, portfolio managers and risk managers make better investment decisions and improve their returns. One way we do this is through offering regular, educational webinars that address key challenges in the derivatives space.

Here is a rundown of some of our recent webinars, and links to view them on-demand in case you missed them:

1. How to Solve the Challenges of Structured Products: Buy-side Best Practices

Buy-side investment managers are increasingly using derivatives and structured products as a means of enhancing returns and reducing risk. These complex instruments allow asset managers, insurance firms and pension funds alike to expand into new asset classes and geographies in the search for alpha.

However, many firms face major challenges with derivatives and structured products, including having the appropriate analytics, systems and workflow to model, price, trade and risk manage them. Without this ability, there is an increased risk of mispricing trades, inaccurate hedging and your capacity to seize new trading opportunities is limited.

View the on-demand webinar, moderated by John Hull, PhD and presented by Renjulal Vidyadharan, Derivatives Analyst at FINCAD, to learn how you can dramatically enhance your performance with structured products.

2. Multi-Currency Rates Trading: Best Practices for Maximizing Returns

In the current market environment, it is particularly important to have the ability to identify and capture opportunities wherever they might be available. For this reason, modeling market currency rates is becoming a business imperative for many financial institutions.

As a multi-currency rates trader, being able to quickly adjust your curves and models to reflect new market dynamics is critical to maintaining a competitive trading advantage. If you lack this flexibility, your business can suffer at the hands of mispriced trades and inaccurate hedging. Your ability to capture new trading opportunities can also be impeded.

View this on-demand webinar, hosted by FINCAD’s James Gavin, Senior Professional Services Lead, to learn key best practices that will help you maximize gains and achieve accurate hedging in a rapidly changing rates environment.

3. How to Drive Business Value with High-Performance Architecture

On the buy-side, legacy valuation and risk systems are increasingly unable to meet business needs for consistent valuations between the front and middle office. Many times these systems are simply not scalable enough to deliver the advanced level of performance firms require to remain competitive.

In fact, many firms’ technology is making it harder for them to meet key requirements for on-demand risk analytics, large complex portfolios, new asset classes, multiple data sources and substantial regulatory reporting. As a result, they are moving to sophisticated trading and risk technology architecture that can help them break down silos and access consistent analytics for a holistic view of risk across the enterprise. The end result for many is scalability, rapid return on investment (ROI), improved performance and governance, and lower cost of technology ownership. 

View this on-demand webinar, hosted by Jay Bagchi, FINCAD’s Senior Risk Solutions Architect, to understand how high-performance enterprise architecture can help you overcome your most pressing trading and risk struggles, all while adding measureable business value.  

4. Mastering Negative Rates: Best Practices

Once thought to be impossible, negative interest rates are now common in many European currencies. This reality presents a challenge for pricing and risk managing some rates derivatives and bonds with models that assume non-negative rate dynamics.

In this webinar, we discuss the context for negative rates and the best approaches to modeling them.

5. Flexible Curve Building: Valuation and Risk for Today and Tomorrow

Accurate curve building is an essential part of a successful derivatives business. But what do you do when erratic market behavior forces you to rethink the curves you build and the way you build them?

In this webinar, experts review specific challenges firms face from a market, business and regulatory perspective, which are affecting their approach to curve-building. Recommendations are given on three key characteristics that a future-proofing curve building framework should have in order to support firms in driving performance, and agilely adapting to change.

For more information on a range of other key derivatives trading and risk topics, be sure to check out our full library of educational webinars.