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Giving Back to Our Local and Global Community
By Tim Lee | December 22, 2015

Now is a great time of year to reflect on all we have, and find ways to help others that might not be as fortunate. As a member of FINCAD’S HOPE (Helping Other People Effectively) group, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to assist those in need, not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

For those unfamiliar with FINCAD HOPE, it is a volunteer, employee-led initiative aimed at giving back to our local and global community by balancing philanthropic, charitable, and community service efforts.  The name of the program reflects FINCAD’s core focus on helping others as part of our corporate philosophy. The way FINCAD HOPE works is that members of our team will research charitable organizations for suitable projects, and then match the need with talents inside our company to recruit appropriate volunteers. Employees here are actually given two paid days off per year to perform volunteer work. In addition, many times, FINCAD will also provide monetary support by matching employee’s contributions to many of the charities that we are working with.

As I’m writing this post, FINCAD HOPE is at the tail-end of helping out with the Surrey Christmas Bureau’s annual Adopt-A-Family program. Donations to this non-profit charity are used to purchase gifts for families that would otherwise be unable to afford them. This includes anything from toys, games and warm clothes for kids to groceries and grocery cards for their parents, ensuring these folks not only have presents under the tree, but also a proper Christmas dinner. I am proud to say that FINCAD’s Vancouver office put forth a great effort towards this program. Everyone participated in some way – whether it was raising funds, contacting the families, or performing the physical efforts of shopping, assembling and delivering the gift hampers.  

The great thing about FINCAD HOPE is that we don’t just focus on helping others during the holidays, but we keep the momentum going all year with a range of service-oriented activities. Some 2015 highlights from the Vancouver office were raising money for the Surrey Food Bank, an organization focused on ending hunger in the community, and collecting donations for the Salvation Army’s Backpack and School Supply Drive, which provides back-to-school necessities from clothes to calculators, to kids of struggling families. Another area we are perpetually focused on is community service. We often get out there and clean up the sidewalks and roadways, participate in environmental conservation activities, and help distribute food at the local food bank.  

And our efforts are not limited to local charities or initiatives alone. We also participate in international efforts such as sending relief donations to those impacted by the recent earthquake that hit the Kathmandu region. 

One reason I really enjoy being part of FINCAD HOPE is the team-oriented spirit of our group. We encourage all members to be continually looking out for new charities that might be a good fit for what we have to offer. We all work together as equal partners driving our charitable engagements. This is the same collaborative spirit that I find enjoyable in my day-to-day work with colleagues here at FINCAD. Whether we are writing good software, or doing good for the community, we do it together as a team - and that makes it rewarding.

On behalf of FINCAD, I’d like to extend our best wishes for a joyous holiday season and healthy, prosperous New Year. If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the charities I’ve listed above, please visit the following websites:   

Surrey Christmas Bureau’s Adopt-a-Family Program

Surrey Food Bank

Salvation Army’s Backpack and School Supply Drive

About the author
Tim Lee
Tim Lee
Director, Project Management | FINCAD

Tim has over 15 years of experience in the software industry.  He has worked in various roles related to the software development process including development, quality assurance, release management, and project management.  Tim has managed both local software development teams and global development teams delivering large scale enterprise solutions.