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Now accepting applications: FINCAD’S 2020 Women in Finance Scholarship
By Diana Tang | May 15, 2020

We are very pleased to announce that the 2020 Women in Finance Scholarship is now open and accepting applications! For those unfamiliar, the scholarship is aimed at supporting exceptional women in the field of finance, particularly those pursuing careers in financial asset management, market risk management and derivatives finance within the capital markets.

Women in Finance

Indeed, the majority of market practitioners in finance and the capital markets are men. An awareness of this trend and a hope for the industry to be more inclusive of women led FINCAD to set up the Women in Finance scholarship in 2014. This year, one exceptional woman will be awarded a US$20,000 financial award to put towards pursuing an advanced degree in finance.

“While more women are entering careers in finance and the capital markets than in the past, there continues to be a gender disparity,” said Mark D’Arcy, FINCAD’s President & CEO (interim). “Particularly in the middle to senior level management jobs, greater female representation is needed, and we will not be as successful without it.” Mark added, “From my own career in the capital markets, I know the value diversity brings and am proud FINCAD can actively support women in the finance sector.” 

As a woman working in finance myself, I am pleased with FINCAD’s commitment to women in this stimulating field. Opportunities like these can go a long way in offering much-needed support to women who might not otherwise have the funds available to continue their education, particularly in unstable times like these.  

Last year’s winner, Danjela Guxha is using her scholarship award to finance a PhD research stay at an Ivy League university in the United States. “I am very excited and appreciative. FINCAD has given me a great opportunity with this scholarship, enabling me to enrich my education without a financial burden,” said Danjela.

Women in scholarship

Would you or someone you know like to apply?

FINCAD’s US$20,000 Women in Finance scholarship opportunity is open to women of any citizenship who have less than ten years’ work experience. Eligible candidates must be studying finance in a graduate-level program at an accredited institution and must be pursuing or planning to pursue a career in financial asset management, market risk management or derivatives finance.

About the author
Diana Tang
Diana Tang
Senior Financial Engineer | FINCAD

In her role, Diana is focused on UAT (User Acceptance Testing) with an emphasis on aligning FINCAD’s product roadmap and providing end-to-end testing for FINCAD’s cloud-based solutions. She has worked at FINCAD for more than five years. Before joining FINCAD, Diana served as a Financial Risk Analyst in a Toronto-based firm. Diana holds a B.Sc. from East China Normal University and a Master of Mathematics in Actuarial Science from the University of Waterloo.