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Why FinTech Offers a Wealth of Opportunity for Job Seekers
By Susan Harmer | May 24, 2016

From a job market standpoint, repercussions of the 2008 credit crisis were not all negative. While the crisis did bring to light a need for reform in the banking system, at the same time it created new opportunity for the tech industry to come alive and innovate much-needed fixes to age-old problems.

Even if the economy at large is not currently booming, I think it’s fair to say the technology industry is. Part of this trend is fueled by the fact that financial institutions don’t have an unlimited number of staff to devote to building and maintaining all of their technology in-house. It’s just not realistic from an overhead standpoint so most firms are outsourcing something.  

What all of this means is that, in the current financial markets job landscape, FinTech is a great place to be career-wise. In fact, in recent years, FinTech firms have been very appealing to talented job-seekers, in part due to the exposure they can gain to a large variety of financial products and customer environments and the learning opportunity that provides. Plus, the prospect of getting to work with cutting-edge technology is a big draw for many individuals.

Working in a smaller firm gives the added benefits of being in an environment which is often fast-paced, entrepreneurial and hands-on and where you have the opportunity to make an impact on core issues like product design, functionality and even company direction. Furthermore, smaller firms, like FINCAD, often provide a tight-knit, community and down-to-earth culture that may be harder to find at larger organizations.

“I was initially drawn to applying at FINCAD because I knew I would be able to gain a great deal of exposure to the world of derivatives, and I haven’t been disappointed. In my role, I’m able to interact with numerous top quants at major financial institutions. The experience has taught me so much on the business side and served to boost my self-confidence in being able to build relationships with clients at all levels of the organization, including CEOs and CTOs among others. To gain similar exposure at a bank would likely take years, but all of these new skills and knowledge I’ve been able to acquire working with FINCAD for just one year,” said Prateek Sabharwal, Senior Derivatives Analyst at FINCAD.

Another FINCAD employee, James Gavin, Professional Services Lead and Head of Americas Professional Services, commented, “I have been with FINCAD more than five years, having joined straight out of a Master’s program. Often people think that when they stay with the same company for years, work becomes less interesting. This may be the case at some firms, but is not the experience I’ve encountered. I continue to feel as though I am challenged and constantly learning something new. This is in part due to my extensive work with F3 Platform, FINCAD’s risk and valuation solution for derivatives. F3 provides sophisticated coverage in all asset classes, and as such, gives me the opportunity to engage with some of the smartest people in the industry— both on the buy- and sell-side. Additionally, my experience working on implementations for the front, middle and back has given me incredible insight into how different parts of the business tackle valuation and risk.”

As a small-sized FinTech firm, FINCAD is committed to fostering a collaborative culture where employees feel heard, appreciated, have the opportunity to always be learning and contribute broadly to the Company's success. Our dedication to a positive working environment where smart, driven people are valued hasn’t gone unnoticed. In March 2016, FINCAD was again recognized as a top employer in British Columbia, Canada by MediaCorp Inc.

Does the prospect of joining a small, innovative firm like FINCAD appeal to you? If so, be sure to check out our available job opportunities today.

About the author
Susan Harmer
Susan Harmer
VP, Human Resources | FINCAD

Susan joined FINCAD in 2011 as Vice President of Human Resources. She has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing human resource strategies, for firms in both the software and financial sectors, in North America and Europe. Susan has contributed to the business performance of recognized best employers by implementing programs that optimize leadership effectiveness, workforce engagement and organization culture. Prior to joining FINCAD, Susan was Senior Director of Human Resources at Business Objects and Director of Total Rewards at Crystal Decisions. She holds a BA in Economics from Queen’s University.