FINCAD solutions enable better investment and risk decisions, improve workflow efficiency, and reduce operational risk.

A Solution Built for You

Since 1990, FINCAD has provided industry-leading valuation and risk solutions that deliver exceptional value to both buy and sell side firms, including asset managers, hedge funds, banks, life insurers, pensions and auditors.

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Top-performing multi-strat and global macro hedge funds require superior analyticsto stay ahead of the market. F3 delivers the analytics necessary for precision portfolio and risk management.

As an asset manager you need sophisticated financial analytics to manage your portfolios and understand where risk lies. F3 offers the analytics tools you need to make informed investment and risk management decisions.

As a life insurer, it is important to have financial analytics that are dependable and that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. F3 provides you with a unified system for the evaluation of assets and liabilities, and the flexibility to build and validate risk, hedging and investment strategies on the fly.

Teams focused on derivatives and fixed-income instruments rely on financial analytics technology to drive their business. Whether you are working in risk, technology, trading or support, FINCAD brings you the financial analytics and clarity you need to drive your business forward.

As an auditor, you are responsible for evaluating your client’s financial positions, processes and relationships for accuracy, consistency and compliance. F3 makes auditing clients’ valuation and risk numbers and processes easier by providing fast and accurate pricing, valuation and risk of multi-asset multi-currency derivatives and fixed income instruments.