Pricing & Risk Analytics for Excel

Price derivatives and fixed income instruments in Microsoft Excel.

Straight forward, transparent, easy to use

Based on 30 years of experience, FINCAD’s analytics for Microsoft Excel are the world’s first standard library of predefined calculators and workbooks that make valuation and risk analytics for derivatives and fixed income products easier than ever. 

With over 2,000 pre-configured functions and over 200 workbooks at your fingertips, FINCAD's functional analytics library empowers you to calculate pricing, risk, and cash flows within minutes.

Get the answers you need fast with FINCAD’s analytics for Microsoft Excel. You also have the flexibility to access your valuation solution in a variety of different ways using FINCAD’s proven technology. Learn about our Python and SDK solutions.

Python Solutions  SDK Solutions



Find models, workbook solutions and documentation quickly with an Analytics Finder. Review and understand function inputs with a Function Wizard, and get help with error debugging. Easy-to-use Excel tools enable calculation and array management.


Get out-of-the-box coverage for vanilla, structured and exotic instruments across all major asset classes using industry standard models, supported by comprehensive curve-building and model calibration. Calculate risk and implied equivalent metrics. Plus, use building blocks to configure customized trade types and analysis workflows.




Access comprehensive documentation explaining what each instrument is, all the way down to the mathematical formulas used in each calculation. With FINCAD, you’ll have utmost confidence in the math and models underlying your valuation and risk. 

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