Webinar: Proven Tips for Maximizing Success with an LDI Strategy

LDI Managers face a challenging market environment with low-returns and increased regulatory oversight. These factors make it difficult to generate solid returns and properly manage liability risk. Join FINCAD for an informational webinar highlighting key market challenges facing LDI managers and proven tips for overcoming them. The presentation will offer a use case explaining how utilizing a Liability-Driven Benchmark strategy that incorporates derivatives and fixed income instruments can help you optimally hedge risk and improve returns. Topics covered will include:

  • Top trends and challenges faced by LDI managers in the current market climate
  • Valuation, risk sensitivities & cash flow analysis for fixed income securities and derivatives
  • Key pricing & modelling requirements for asset managers
  • Why pre-trade analysis should include scenarios for improved decision-making
Event Time
3pm UK (GMT)
Event Date
Thursday, November 24, 2016
Erik Vynckier
Per Eriksson