Eagle Investment Systems: Providing FINCAD Analytics and Risk to Clients



Client: Eagle Investment Systems 



Embed powerful analytics library to assist with risk and valuations 


  • Offer clients access to centralized data for analytics and risk calculations
  • Help clients manage and report on complex fixed income and derivatives 




Eagle Investment Systems, a division of BNY Mellon, leverages a data-centric platform to deliver data management, investment accounting and performance measurement solutions to the financial services industry.


With economic conditions and impending regulations increasing the demand for independent valuations, adding FINCAD's powerful analytics into the Eagle suite was a logical next step for the firm. Its datacentred platform already had most of the required reference data and embedding FINCAD analytics would significantly differentiate its solution in the market by enabling clients to generate valuable analytics with consolidated and cleansed data.


With the release of V11.0, the Eagle suite includes the new module Eagle Analytics that contains FINCAD analytics.This module integrates tightly with both Eagle’s Data Management and Performance Measurement solutions enabling end users of either solution to leverage their existing centralized data for analytics and risk calculations. Eagle Analytics’ built-in valuation and analytics functionality gives users the ability to streamline their processes for managing and reporting on complex fixed income and derivatives securities investments.

How does it work?

Upon signing up for the Eagle Analytics module, clients receive access to an initial set of FINCAD functions. They can then expand the coverage and functionality by enabling new FINCAD functions through Eagle Analytics, which leverages Eagle’s existing rules-based architecture, without the need for an additional installation or system upgrade.