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How to Drive Competitive Advantage with Trading and Risk Enterprise Architecture: eBook

On the buy-side, legacy valuation and risk systems are increasingly unable to meet business needs for consistent valuations between the front and middle office. Many times these systems are not scalable to deliver the advanced level of performance firms require to remain competitive.

In fact, many firms’ technology is making it increasingly difficult for them to meet key requirements for on-demand risk analytics, large complex portfolios, new asset classes, multiple data sources and substantial regulatory reporting. As a result, they are moving to sophisticated trading and risk technology architecture that can help them break down silos and access consistent analytics for a holistic view of risk across the enterprise. The end result for many is scalability, rapid return on investment (ROI), improved performance and governance, and lower cost of technology ownership.

In this eBook, we explore four of the most pressing trading and risk technology challenges that today’s financial organizations face, and provide insight into how high-performance enterprise architecture can help you overcome these struggles, all while adding measurable business value.

How to Drive Competitive Advantage with Trading and Risk Enterprise Architecture