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Three Keys to Future-proofing Your Firm with Flexible Curve Building: eBook

As most of us well know, accurate curve building is critical to the success of any derivatives business. In recent years, changes in the rates environment and market practices have forced firms to rethink their approach to this essential function.

Financial institutions are now tasked with finding new ways to adapt their curve building framework to swiftly evolving markets, practices and regulation—without needing to undergo the pain-staking and costly exercise of refactoring systems.

Through the course of this eBook, we will discuss the specific challenges firms face from a market, business and regulatory perspective, which are affecting their approach to curve-building.

We will then provide recommendations on three key characteristics a future-proofing curve building framework should have in order to support firms in driving performance, and agilely adapting to change.

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Three Keys to Future-proofing Your Firm with Flexible Curve Building