FINCAD F3 - Modeling
January 25, 2018

Unprecedented front office productivity, faster and more efficient integration and enhanced analytics coverage are just a handful of benefits that F3 provides to buy-side firms searching for alpha in a low-yield environment with multi-asset, multi-currency strategies.

Using a streamlined workflow, the front office can now trade new instruments and asset classes quickly and confidently – delivering unprecedented productivity, expanded investment opportunities, cost savings and rapid return on investment.

Integration between F3 and existing systems is easy thanks to powerful APIs and continued compatibility with clients’ proprietary models enable users to plug in their own valuation algorithms and ensure consistent models, data and fixings are used across the enterprise.

Pre-built modeling components in F3 provide depth of coverage for multi-currency, multi-asset strategies, including MBS with static prepayment and LPI swaps. Additionally, a sophisticated diagnostics tool enables model validation in real-time through sophisticated visualization and error tracing functionality.