Accelerating Portfolio-Level Analysis with Third Party Analytics
October 16, 2014

How to Accelerate Portfolio Level Analysis with 3rd-Party Analytics

With the continuing evolution of the derivatives market, analytics solutions must be flexible enough to adapt to changing asset classes, instrument types, and analysis capabilities.

Portfolio vs. trade or position level analysis has become increasingly important but can be very resource intensive to implement and support. Given rising in-house development costs, many companies are faced with the challenge of how to cost-effectively perform risk analysis and portfolio-level analysis.

This complimentary white paper will discuss portfolio-level analysis in general and how to perform efficient, industry standard portfolio level analysis for even the most complex, sizable, or dynamic portfolios.

Download this white paper today and learn how to:

  • Implement a portfolio analysis solution that is easy to maintain, extend, and scale
  • Engage in best practices in portfolio level analyses such as hedging factors, DV01, and aggregate risk
  • Dramatically decrease the time required to produce a highly sustainable portfolio level valuation and risk analytics solution

Learn more about portfolio risk analysis.

Accelerating Portfolio-Level Analysis with Third Party Analytics
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