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FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel offers a powerful and efficient solution for the pricing and valuation of derivatives.


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Simplify your pricing and valuation process with FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel.


With thousands of pre-configured functions and workbooks, users can calculate pricing and cash flows instantaneously, streamline valuation workflows and save valuable time.

  • A powerful, yet highly accessible analytics library ensures ease of use and allows for quick implementation.
  • Broad asset class and instrument coverage provides comprehensive support, enabling users to confidently manage their portfolios and meet their unique pricing and valuation challenges.
  • Save time pricing derivatives accurately with pre-configured functions for IR, FX, EQ, FI, MBS and more.

Say goodbye to difficult in house analytics libraries and embrace simplicity with FINCAD Analytics Suite from Numerix.


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Why Choose FINCAD Analytics Suite from Numerix?

Effortless Precision

Select from over 2,000 pre-configured functions and 200+ workbooks, enabling you to effortlessly handle complex calculations for pricing and cash flow modeling.

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Obtain quick calculations and enjoy an unmatched user experience, thanks to our flexible software solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Gain an edge in the market with extensive coverage across major asset classes, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Confidence in Every Decision

Access comprehensive documentation that instills the utmost confidence in the accuracy of your valuations and risk assessments.

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FINCAD Analytics Suite for Excel is straightforward, transparent, and easy to use.