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Thriving Amidst Volatility in the Energy Markets
The energy and commodity markets have experienced a surge in volatility over the last 18 months. How are market participants responding? In our blog, we delve into the multifaceted world of energy markets with a focus on the role of counterparty credit risk in helping firms stay competitive.
End of IBOR
Gearing Up for the End of IBOR
The move to alternative risk-free rates (RFRs) is upon us. While we do not know an exact date for when Libor will be formally discontinued, we believe it’s coming –and relatively soon. Firms are now in a phase of needing to adapt their technology and valuation and risk processes to meet this new frontier. From EONIA to €STR To foster liquidity one of the first steps involves transitioning the
July 9, 2020
Python vs. Excel: Which is better for data analysis?
Throughout the finance industry, we’ve seen a surge in Python use for development of data analysis. Many firms are even eliminating reliance on spreadsheets in areas like modeling and risk reporting. They are instead building out new analyses with Python—which are more functional and robust than Excel workbooks ever were. What’s Driving the Move to Python? The volume of information that firms work
June 18, 2020
Prepare for the Impacts of Monetary Expansion by Leveraging Inflation
The outlook for economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic remains uncertain. But we are seeing the US Fed and many other central banks taking drastic steps to stem deflation and stimulate lending. US interest-rates are now almost zero , and modern expansionist monetary policy is in full effect with quantitative easing and the use of newly printed money for intervention in the open markets. In
June 9, 2020
FINCAD Named a Top Employer in Two Competitions
I am pleased to announce that FINCAD has recently been recognized as an outstanding employer in two competitions. FINCAD was named one of BC’s Top Employers for 2020 and a Top Canadian Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) for 2020 . BC's Top Employers recognizes the 100 British Columbian employers that lead their industries in offering excellent places to work. Noted as a workplace innovator, FINCAD
June 5, 2020
Are Firms Ready for the Transition to SOFR Discounting?
The way forward for the cessation of the Libor benchmark rate continues to take shape. One change presently planned for October 2020 is the switch from Fed Funds to SOFR discounting. Undoubtedly, moving to SOFR will create challenges for affected firms, as their systems and processes may not be ready for this massive shift. To assess just how prepared financial institutions are to meet the demands
May 21, 2020