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Introducing the Numerix Podcast: Navigating Trends in the Capital Markets
We’re pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new podcast series, Trading Tomorrow: Navigating Trends in the Capital Markets, which will be available on the Numerix website later this month.
Architecture Series, Part 2: Which Language?
This series addresses issues specific to domain of financial derivative valuation and risk measurement. However, before leaping into the domain itself, I'd like to cover some considerations of tools, process and architecture which are more general, applying to software systems in this and other domains. Programming Paradigm The overwhelming winner in this category is object-oriented programming
November 21, 2012
Architecture Series, Part 1: Architecture Matters
Risk magazine recently ran an interesting article . To extract a few choice phrases: Before, analysts could be abstract, and mathematical ability was prized; now they have to be pragmatic, and computer programming is the essential attribute the marginal impact on the capital position of any proposed trade needs to be known in advance, which means a complete recalculation at portfolio level and a
November 7, 2012